Art Director / Graphic Designer

Pizza Hut March Madness Campaign

The Only Win You Can Count On

TV, Online Video and social Campaign

Brief: Create an integrated campaign that positions Pizza Hut as the only constant during the unpredictability of March Madness. Oh, and promote the return of the P'ZONE—Pizza Hut's beloved version of the calzone that contains a whole pound of ingredients.


Merch Madness

To extend the campaign to social, we sent March Madness Survival Kits filled with merch to influencers and fans to help them cope with all the emotional ups and downs of the tournament.


March-Proof Mascara

When you just can’t stop the tears, at least prevent your makeup from running.


P’Phone Case

Ever throw your phone in frustration? Now your dreams may be shattered, but your phone doesn’t have to be.


Pizzatherapy Candle

Find peace of mind in a piece of pizza. Or at least in the scent of one.


Tear Bands

Like sweatbands but for wiping tears.


Comfort Blanket

Curl into a ball and hide from these cold, dark basketball times. Or turn it into a cape if your bracket has been heroically saved.


Reaction Bracket

We also created Pizza Hut's version of a March Madness bracket that pits emotional fans against one another.

People could vote for their favorite fan reaction through Instagram stories, Twitter polls and new beta Facebook video polls throughout the tournament.


The Dream Team
GCDs: Rafael Serrano, Jeff Maki
CDs: Verenice Lopez, Kevin Lane
CW: Addie Williams