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Odds and Ends

Odds and Ends

Posters, illustrations, photography and other miscellaneous projects from personal, student and client work.

fun stuff


Print Design Explorations for Lee Jeans


Cow Tipping Creamery Posters


The 2016 D&AD New Blood brief for Shutterstock was to tell stories from modern life in three images. So we created a series of modern still-lifes to capture stories from everyday objects that would normally go unnoticed. By composing our photos using Baroque still-life techniques, we hope to re-interpret classic paintings to tell relatable stories of the present day.

D&AD x Shutterstock Photo Series

D&AD Wood Pencil Winner
Co-AD: Clara Patt


PAM Print Campaign

Silver Austin Student ADDY
Co-AD: Nicole Lewis


A fun student campaign to remind you to microchip your cat, especially if you subject him/her to cute outfits, leashes and more forms of cat humiliation just to get more Instagram followers.

PSA from the ASPCA Print Campaign

Co-AD: Clara Patt


Sometimes I draw stuff too